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Definition of Sumida-ku Tourism Association website Terms of Use

"Sumida-ku Tourism Association website" (as follows "this service") is service that Sumida-ku Tourism Association runs and, about the use of this service, establishes the following "Sumida-ku Sightseeing Association website Terms of Use". When you use this service, you read the following Terms of Use by all means, and, after agreement, please use.

Article 1 (purpose)

This "Sumida-ku Tourism Association Terms of Use" (we say "these terms" as follows.) sets relations with our group of user in website (we say "this service" as follows.) that Sumida-ku Tourism Association (we say "our group" as follows.) provides.

Article 4 (revision of terms)

  1. Our group shall be able to revise these terms and individual terms without getting the consent of user. In this case all matters about this service shall depend on terms after revision.
  2. Terms after revision shall produce effect from point in time when they published on the Web site of this service unless our group sets separately.

Article 7 (responsibility of user)

  1. User prepares for necessary apparatus, software, means of communication in self-responsibility and the expense of user appropriately on using this service and shall have you operate, and our group does not take responsibility about these without participating at all for access environment of user.
  2. As for the user, our group including matter to prescribe in these terms and usage guidance, notice matter of this service shall observe notice or matter to notify of.

Article 9 (copyright)

  1. Copyright or other intellectual property rights about works which our group made shall be in our group.
  2. User is allowed to use only when publication information is admitted explicitly by third party having the use consent right such as our group or information concerned.

Article 10 (advertisement)

  1. User shall approve about advertisement of person whom our group and our group appoint without notice at this service top being placed regardless of prior follow-up to user beforehand.
  2. Our group shall not take responsibility for all about matter occurring in the relations with advertiser of this service and act of other companies or user and the advertiser concerned and other companies.

Article 11 (protection of personal information)

  1. We protect personal information appropriately and observe "privacy policy" to establish particularly.

Article 12 (interruption of this service)

  1. When we correspond to each next issue, our group limits some or all of this service offer or can stop.
    1. (1) When, for maintenance check and construction of facilities for disasters such as natural disasters or this service, it is unavoidable.
    2. (2) When basic carrier stops telecommunications service.
    3. (3) When we interfere with use of normal service by concentration of use of this service.
    4. (4) In addition, when our group judges temporary halt to service to be necessary in in operation or technique.
  2. When our group stops operation of this service by regulations of foregoing paragraph, they announce so to member of this service and advertiser by method to judge that our group is suitable beforehand on site. But, in the case of emergency, it is not this limit.
  3. Our group shall not take responsibility for all in member, advertiser, user, the damage of others that occurred by interruption of offer of this service regardless of reason.

Article 13 (the end of service)

  1. Our group shall be able to finish a part of this service for user and this service after notice with considerable common knowledge period.
  2. We shall perform notice of foregoing paragraph in top page of this service.
  3. Our group shall not take responsibility for all in advertiser, user, the damage of others that occurred by the end of offer of this service regardless of reason.

Article 14 (disclaimers)

  1. Our group makes maximum effort for maintenance, improvement of usefulness of this service, but, about the damage that user put on in the use of this service or loss, shall not take responsibility for all.
  2. Our group shall not take responsibility for all for the damage that user put on or loss including case of Article 4 (revision of terms), Article 12 (interruption of this service) and Article 13 (the end of service) on the use of this service.
  3. Our group shall not perform any guarantees such as integrity, accuracy, certainty, usefulness about information disclosed by this service. In addition, we shall not take any responsibility for the damage, loss that occurred to user or others by having used this service.
  4. When we use this service regardless of contents listed in Paragraph 3 from Honjo Paragraph 1 or when it is not available, our group does not give every damage, loss that occurred any support and shall not take responsibility for all.

Article 15 (request for compensation for damages)

  1. When they cause damage to our group by user violates these terms or using this service illegally or illegally, our group shall have possibilities to perform request for suitable compensation for damages (including legal fee) for pertinence user.

Article 16 (governing law, competent court)

  1. Governing law about these terms assumes Japanese law.
  2. When dispute about these terms occurs with user between our group, we assume Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.

Supplementary provisions

Article 1 (the enforcement day)

These terms are enforced on April 1, 2010.

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