Privacy Policy

Personal information protection and security

We think that it is very important to respect accessed privacy policy for this site. We take the following handling standards, and we observe grain, this about collection, use, protection of personal information that had you provide from customer.

About the acquisition of personal information

We can use normal contents of this site without revealing personal information distinguishing birth and parentage of customer. In the analysis such as access log recorded on the server, we investigate the use trend as the entirety for better administration of site, but may not pay our attention to specific ID. But, in administration of contribution form pages such as inquiries, we ask for entry of full name, address, e-mail address by convenience of reply.

・We can evade the risk that personal information of users is seen in third party by encrypting communication data using function called SSL (explanatory note 1) with contribution form having opinion in information transmission. (explanatory note 1 SSL is structure exchanging data safely by encrypting browser and communication between server by abbreviation of "Secure Socket Layer".)

About use of personal information

Among personal information that had you provide, you use for improvement in service of Web site about contents of opinion and inquiry, and please let me use only for the certification identification for reply and confirmation about contents of full name, address. Other than these purposes, we will not use at all. About personal information that we acquired in the use of other services, we will use as far as it is necessary for offer of service that had you apply.

About preservation of personal information

As for letting our group gives personal information that had you provide outside and save, there are none entirely. When we get consent of the person who had you provide or other than case, personal information called for may not be shared to others by law.

About measures when we consign personal information to the outside

  1. We fix contract, rule for trust about confidentiality, giving and receiving, storage, return, the disposal of personal information about measures when we consign personal information to the outside between our groups and manage the personal information handling situation of trust ahead.
  2. We manage personal information safely and exactly, and our group takes appropriate measures to wear unauthorized access to personal information, leak, loss of personal information again, and to prevent loss and carries out prompt, appropriate correction measures by any chance when problem occurs.
  3. Our group observes guideline or other models that laws and ordinances, country about the handling of personal information set and accomplishes duties according to office model.
  4. Our group acts as disclosure, correction from the person, suspension demand and complaint consultation for reception desk, appropriate correspondence about personal information that our group handles.

Security Policy

Our group tries for safe management administration of site and it is physical and, for prevention of access and personal data leak without authority, takes electronically appropriate means.

Link policy

Links from this site to other Web sites are intended to just provide facility for user and do not guarantee privacy policy and accessibility of linked site.

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