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Temporary exhibition "challenge Hokusai and Hiroshige to *takesanjurokukei"

Masterpiece of ukiyoe print on behalf of Japan, "*takesanjurokukei" of Hokusai Katsushika gave shock that was strong in people with vivid color using blue and bold composition. Hokusai exceeded 70 years old then, but repeated constant efforts in long painting.

One Hiroshige Utagawa is in the late 30s then. It was only mere ukiyoe artist without hit product though we created landscape. "*takesanjurokukei" which such Hiroshige would see with surprise series. Behind the blockbuster, how would Hiroshige establish own style of painting?

Exhibition displaying Fuji series of Hokusai and Hiroshige has been held, but this exhibition is attempt to highlight challenge of Hokusai and Hiroshige doing two excellent things in paysage by interpretation that we stepped into more in story development until now. All the works including all "*takesanjurokukei" becoming one action display FIG. 46 "Edo Expo collection." Through valuable collection not to be able to overlook in talking about history of this ukiyoe print, we introduce many insatiate challenges of two ukiyoe artists with perfect gem.

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