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Know; sun Hokusai san-kusu and funny SHOW TIME! -

Is comic artist drawing absurdity and irrationality in the world by loose touch; Mr. Kotobuki Shiriagari of artist. We display about 160 points for parody work "about 36 slightly funny view" which played in "*takesanjurokukei" of Hokusai who exhibition which we held in this hotel in 2018 "plays with about 36 slightly funny view Kotobuki Shiriagari Hokusai", and announced by new item and original bills of "blue Fuji" "lapis lazuli Fuji" and bigger constitution such as Hokusai works of this hotel possession that it was this time. From ukiyoe prints of the "fifty-three stages of the Tokaido" "countries waterfall circumference" to printed books such as "camellia theory waxing moon", please enjoy Hokusai world which you know and interpreted for flow while having wide samogo * of painting of world-famous Hokusai. We know, and is the sun interesting? Does the Hokusai sun joke? Of mischievous urge and sense of fun full loading to have knee kakkun of common sense from the back is kusu and funny exhibition unintentionally.

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