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Plan exhibition "- mainly on new store product in present 2020 - 2019 from citizen"

At Tokyo Edo Tokyo museum, we collect materials about history and culture of Edo Tokyo and manage preservation to convey them to the future. In addition, we research about various information that materials have and release the result by display.

This exhibition is exhibition that all of you see material which this museum stored newly. We were able to add many materials to store product of this hotel in 2019, 2002. We put will of thanks to people who donated materials and we select carefully from this and will introduce.

Please enjoy the world of splendid picture scroll "Momijiyama maple Edo Expo collection about line when general Yoshimune Tokugawa ran Buddhist memorial service of Ieyasu Tokugawa 130 anniversary of death grandly in 1745 (the Enkyo era 2) for eight generations where mountain variety including eight luxurious comic tanka picture book album "Tokyo Sports Center of the Orient" (Oriental sports center Tokyo) which Tokyo City produced on first Japanese Olympics bidding activity "getsu Bo bo in (8, Showa) in 1933 in month kyo today" which scheme valuable autobiography "dream drunkenness musui monologue gets out" Utamaro Kitagawa whom we get Buddhist ceremony in this way, and father, small luck kokichi (1802-1850) of Kaishu Katsu talked about own half life to figure roll zukan" describes Mochizuki FIG. 5, and Juzaburo Tsutaya published in (origin of generous politics) in 1789 is rich in.

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