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mitira Museum collection exhibition India cosmology art nature and the commensal world

mitira Museum is private art museum using school building of old Oike Elementary School in forest where snow of Tokamachi-shi, Niigata is deep. The art museum possesses terra cotta (earthenware of unglazing) having history or more for waruri image which India indigenous people waruri group describes including mitira image which is fresco which has been handed down from mother to daughter in the Indian mitira district for 3,000 years and gondo image which Gond describes, 5,000 years much. In addition, of Indian art that describe, and invite hand, and is new provide place of creation. Including new work, the quantity and quality is appreciated in the world by the Indian government that it is unique.
At museum of cigarette and salt, we held exhibition under the art museum and the cosponsorship five times so far. We introduce about 90 points of creation-related rich works which there was not of being born in local living environment while protecting traditional technique mainly on work produced in unhurried time of art museum which there is in beautiful nature in this exhibition that it becomes about 15 years since the last since 2006. Please enjoy works created in symbiosis with nature.

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