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Temporary exhibition "myth of the Berlin, Kunitachi Egypt Museum possession ancient Egypt exhibition Creation"

We progressed to hold "myth of the Berlin, Kunitachi Egypt Museum possession ancient times Egypt exhibition Creation" to introduce perfect gem of Egypt collection of Berlin national museum group in Spree Kawanaka state in the Berlin city to. Berlin national museum group is known as general museum to boast of height of scale and quality largest in Europe with London, British Museum, Paris Louvre to, and, above all, Egypt section boasts of world one of the best Egypt collection to cover all history of Egypt for several thousand years led by A product in the amateur luna times.

In this exhibition, we display about 130 points of perfect gems under the theme of "myth of the Creation" from Egypt collection of this Berlin. While animation makes full use of the mythical world of Egypt by three chapters constitution of the "world of the Creation and gods" "order of pharaoh and space" "post mortem umpire" in the unknown ancient times, we solve with valuable excavated article. It will be to be surprised at unexpected common point with the Japanese Creation myth. More than 4 meters in length "one hundred or more including "people in tairetokapu type wooden casket" (outside coffin) that "Book of the Dead" and decoration of taremechuembasuteto are beautiful are first in Japan exhibitions.

At this time to reach the Japan and Germany interchange 160th anniversary in 2021, please see treasure of Egypt collection to visit Japan from Berlin that is sisters friendship town of Tokyo.

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