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About gourd mark


It is with a flourishing trade with gourd

"Gourd" of motif was used as caliber in daily livings from ancient times and has been done with symbol of descendant prosperity because it was said that 100 kinds were produced from fruit of one gourd. It was said that divine spirit dwelled in hollow gourd at the same time, and "we prepared three, and Edoite was nervous about omens with three beats (hyo) of children!", and we have been given an important post as lucky charm by object of perfect state of health prayer. In addition, we appeared in design of ukiyoe print and signature and seal or quotient shop sign as material much and rooted in downtown area culture represented by Sumida-ku. "Su" of ornamental braid expresses flow of the beautiful Sumida River which brought up most in addition to "su" of Sumida-ku until now.

We are developing a wide variety of business now, but, taking the opportunity of the opening of business of the Tokyo Skytree of 634 meters in height, aim at tourist city, sumidao which will pray God to lucky charm gourd in future, and "breathes in every thing, and brings on the charm".

Designer Masami Takahashi

Woman designer, Masami Takahashi who are young and spirited who what was in charge of design is born and raised in Sumida-ku, and are playing an active part in many aspects widely now. We adopted administration policy and business concept of Sumida-ku Tourism Association enough and had simple, deep thing finish "heart to love Sumida" to base.

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