About Sumida-ku Tourism Association

Culture of "genuine article" that Sumida-ku which produced Hokusai Katsushika and Kaishu Katsu breathes from entertainment district of the Grand Sumo Tournament, folkcraft and Mukoujima of Ryogoku Kokugikan, the Edo era including fireworks of the Sumida River. And the Tokyo Skytree that continues growing up by the world's most advanced technique every day. Town, that where following "genuine article" also lives to the future "are right corners" now from the past.

Business outline

  • Introduction advertising about sightseeing and guidebook
  • Conduct of event about sightseeing
  • Management administration of sightseeing-related facility
  • Offer of convenience to sightseeing-related facility user
  • Development promotion, sale of sightseeing souvenir
  • Investigation, study on sightseeing, collection of materials and reporting
  • Cooperation to cooperation with sightseeing affiliates and tourism administration
  • Plan, offer of trip
  • Business necessary to achieve purpose of these other associations


Sumida-ku Tourism Association plans economic development and activation of the whole Sumida-ku through promotion of tourist industry and is intended that we contribute to improvement of inhabitant of a ward life.

The location

〒130-0045 1-1-2, Oshiage, Sumida-ku Tokyo Skytree town soramachi 5F Sangyo Kanko Plaza Sumida Machidokoro
TEL 03-5608-6951/FAX 03-5608-7130
Oshiage Station, Tokyo Skytree Station direct connection

Approach of Sumida-ku Tourism Association

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