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Inari, Tokuyama

We worship patron god of a residence left for mansion trace of honsho*jihokotokusangoheieijumatsurigoto which commanded development projects of court noble, Fukagawa in the early period of Edo era. It was decided that (1660), the Shogunate started development from the Sumida River and to the east from reflection in big fire of the Meiryaku era in 1660. It was five soldiers of the Imperial Guard and two people of sansakishirohidarieimonjumatsurigoto in this way that we were appointed by prefect. As a result of having finished reclamation safely, very large city area of court noble, Fukagawa was born.

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〒130-0011 1-36-10, Ishiwara, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Toei Oedo Line Ryogoku Station a 6-minute walk
From JR Sobu Line Ryogoku Station a 10-minute walk

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