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In the case of rainstorm, branch of ginkgo is told once as we fly and stick in this ground and rose with bowers (teitei) all too soon even if we worshiped Inari Shinto shrine saying that person of the hour is good omen. School of Hojo escapes, and, according to another legend, change lives on this ground after the extinction of the Kamakura Shogunate, and it is said that it begins though ho* did Inari shrine Daimyojin.
In addition, big ginkgo tree of himokuineka left for legend is said to be 500-600 years years old. We do not spread four ginkgos left from the Edo era in ward and are said to be the oldest tree in that.
There was time when we were destroyed by fire in a part by war damage, and growing power of a tree declined, but revived now.

himokuinekashinshareisai (September)

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〒131-0045 2-39-6, Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Toei Asakusa Line/Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Oshiage Station, Keisei-Hikifune Station a 4-minute walk

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