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In temple of Nichiren sect that stood up in (1615) Asakusa Morita-cho in 1615, founding is considered to be shinnyoinnichirijojin. Afterwards, we moved to the (1667) present location in 1667 and were said to be "Fugen of Oshiage". It is the end of Hossho-ji Temple nearby. It is plot of this temple area that Sadaharu Oh who is famous for professional baseball was born. In addition, there is grave of Nanboku Tsuruya known as "Tokaido Yotsuya ghost story".

Main historic spot: Monuments inscribed with a tanka poem of "we let you take to, and I hate" Samantabhadra-bodhisattva statue, grave, Nobuo Uno of fourth Nanboku Tsuruya

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〒130-0002 2-14-9, Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Toei Asakusa Line/Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Oshiage Station a 1-minute walk

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