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Prostitute lottery


In Shofukuji (prostitute lottery), it was done the open basis in 1602 (Keicho 7). We were destroyed by Ansei major earthquake (November, 1855), but we are rebuilt by residence oblation of meishusakadensanshichiro and continue up to the present day.
There is Tokyo oldest stone tablet with a Buddhist text. Stone tablet with a Buddhist text chops aya*ichison with Sanskrit characters, and there is signature of "takarachinineninusarusantsukisannichi" (1248), and is excavated from nearby field in the Edo era, and it is said that we were moved to Shofukuji later.
In addition, "tomb for the war dead guardian deity of children" said that illness on from neck has good remedy is famous. In the case of dredging construction of the Sumida River Hashiba neighborhood, cranial bones more than stream bed were excavated in 1833 (Tenpo 4). We bury together, and the person concerned puts up monument with Shofukuji and is told as we said "tomb for the war dead".

In every meeting of tomb for the war dead guardian deity of children morning gruel, second every month copying of a sutra society than 7:00 a.m. for four days a month; on Saturday

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〒131-0031 2-6-20, Sumida, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Tobu Isesaki Line Kanegafuchi Station a 3-minute walk

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