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Sumida Park (we do)

In park along the Sumida River, the left bank on the Sumida-ku side is proud of 1, Mukoujima, 2, area of approximately 80,000 square meters in area of 5. It becomes famous spot of outstanding cherry tree in spring, and Sumida River fireworks display is held in summer. Garden in park is made using remains of an ancient structure such as ponds in Mito Tokugawa's house. It was informed that we lived here from generation to generation until mansion was destroyed completely after the Great Kanto Earthquake, but we were taken in area of Sumida park afterwards and changed figure into Japanese garden.

Detailed information

〒131-0033 Mukoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 1,2,5

From Tobu Skytree line / Toei Asakusa Line / Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station a 5-minute walk

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