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Sumida Inari Shrine

At Ise prayer, many disaster is saved by eight Buddhist priests, and what cooperate with villager after the return, and kansei does Ogami, Inari, Fushimi, and worshiped as patron saint begins, and "Zenzaemon Inari" is also called, and the vassal Egawa Zenzaemon Miyabi gate of Horikoshi Shogun Masaji who escapes from Izu in the astronomy year, and reclaimed this ground is old, and it calls itself "eight () Buddhist priest (so) Inari". It was local deity company of former Zenzaemon-mura (we disappear by the municipality organization enforcement in 1889), but moved by Arakawa excavation.
We said that it did well by many lamps mikoshi which trained this luck to be many lamps in former times, but in late years, after the long interruption, were revived.

June 10 11th many lamps mikoshi

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〒131-0031 4-38-13, Sumida, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Tobu Isesaki Line Kanegafuchi Station a 6-minute walk

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