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Tree mother temple

Mountain is called plum Yanagiyama and can say that it is the best famous temple with a venerable history in east of the Sumida River belonging to Tendai sect. It was old, and, as for the founding, it was called itself the House of plum young temple or Sumida in famous temple with a venerable history of founding done Tendai sect in (976) in 976 when was in the middle of the Heian era by chuena*nashi. It became abandoned temple by anti-Buddhist movement at the beginning of Meiji Period of the Meiji Restoration and became plum young Shinto shrine, but we were revived as temple in 1888 by (1888), effort of the light Japanese yen bishop. There is plum young mound which enshrined plum young circle at the plum young legend birthplace expressed in Noh song, bright lapis lazuli, long song, and plum young mourning is performed on April 15.

Main historic spot: Plum young mound, plum young honorific title of a Japanese god luck, Nobutada Konoe handwriting

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〒131-0034 2-16-1, Tsutsumidori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Tobu Isesaki Line Kanegafuchi Station a 7-minute walk

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