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Triple rotation Shinto shrine

After Buddhist priest of Kunizo Oomi Itera being making a pilgrimage in the Fumikazu year (1352-1356), and finding rough small shrine here, and being going to restore, we got image of a deity which sat astride white fox put in pot from the underground. Then white fox appears out of nowhere and comes from historical fact which turns around three times, and disappeared around this image of a deity. Haiku poet Kikaku Takarai is famous for "stone tablet of praying for rain", and when we write phrase and dedicate, there is a heavy rain the next day, and, in the case of drought of Edo of 1693 (1693), haiku poet Kikaku Takarai is informed as we saved people.

Main historic spot: "Stone tablet of praying for rain" three toriis, three hole garden lanterns, pair of stone guardian dogs of lion of Mitsukoshi

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〒131-0033 2-5-17, Mukoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Tobu Isesaki Line Narihirabashi Station a 7-minute walk 
From Toei Asakusa Line Honjo-Azumabashi Station an 8-minute walk

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