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Literature monument of Rohan Kouda

The third home in ward of great writer Rohan Kouda known as the "Five Storeyed Pagoda" others is place that there was. It was (1908) oneself, and Rohan who named outbuilding of the Amamiya liquor shop side at 1-9-1, Higashimukoujima "snail hermitage" (kagyuan), and lodged designed house in 1908 and even here named "snail hermitage" and has begun to live. However, as oil came to float in well by the Great Kanto Earthquake, we left the favorite Sumida River and were transferred to Koishikawa in 1924. A joint of masterpiece "fate" is chopped to monument.

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〒131-0032 1-7-11, Higashimukoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Tobu Isesaki Line Hikifune Station an 8-minute walk

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