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Kibi child shop

It is Kibi child shop close to "guardian deity of children slope" bus stop that reproduced good old snacks. We have begun to make to grant wish to "want to eat kibidango" of son who read old tale "Momotaro". Dumpling of glass marble size which stuck in skewer is made with bicycle-drawn cart placed in teahouse-style shop. Soybean flour fully hangs over dumpling boiled lightly and wears well for frank aftertaste unexpectedly. This will be because dumpling made with hawk millet with high nutritive value matches with soybean flour and creates moderate sweetness. In addition, it is the secret of taste that additive is not used at all.

Business hours: 11:00-17:00
Regular holiday: Month (Monday in the case of holiday Tuesday compensatory day off day)

Detailed information

〒131-0032 1-2-14, Higashimukoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Higashi-Mukojima Station a 10-minute walk. We go ahead through station exit to the west and appear in Bokutei-dori St. across Meiji Dori and are the former left side that we turned left at.

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