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Place of Kaishu Katsu birth

Kaishu Katsu was born in man valley family which was the parents' house of father small luck of here court noble Kamezawa on (1823) January 30 in 1823. The name of the beginning was called gikuni, yomei*taro. We mastered Dutch learning and learned Western military science, gunnery, voyage, Surveying Acts and accomplished splendid achievement of first Pacific crossing due to hand of Japanese as **gankancho in (1860) January in 1860. We interviewed with Takamori Saigou in Satsuma residence of a lord of Takanawa in (1868) March in 1868 and succeeded in Edo-jo Castle no blood surrender and saved Edo citizen from the war damage. We were given an important post in the Meiji government and we became staff officer and Minister of the Navy, senate house Diet member and became the earl.

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〒130-0026 4-25-3, Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Ryogoku park

From JR Sobu Line Ryogoku Station a 6-minute walk

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