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High sea room

Former sekiwake, gyoku*kai belonging to two place no Seki room (ozeki, Saga no flower) which retired at place limit in January, 1961 (Showa 36) assumed Master's name of old person, high sea as a successor, and branch family founded high sea room independently from two place no Seki room in May of the year. Afterwards, ball no Fuji that retired at place limit in November, 1981 (Showa 56) assumed Master's name of high sea as a successor for 13 generations and succeeded to high sea room. High sea raises ranking sumo wrestlers such as sekiwake, Tamakasuga, sekiwake, Tamanoshima for 13 generations and shows presence as mid-career room.

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〒130-0011 1-33-9, Ishiwara, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From JR Sobu Line Ryogoku Station a 10-minute walk

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