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Kanebo monument

Spinning company of Western type where five shops dealing in kimono fabrics including (1889), Echigo-ya who propered in the Edo era, timber dealer financed in 1889 started the operation. We took the place name and were named limited liability bell deep water spinning company (abbreviated to Kanebo) and were said to be pioneer of modern factory. European-style building (Sumida 5-19-1: secrecy) supposed to be annual building at the north end of site in monument and the Taisho era, explanation board (Sumida 5-16-1) of the birthplace is built on the Bokutei-dori St. side.

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〒131-0031 5-19-1, Sumida, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Tobu Isesaki Line Kanegafuchi Station an 8-minute walk

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