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Law favor temple

It is reported that it was created in place of (1458) Edo flat river (Chiyoda-ku) in 1458. kokojoshutadendo* at the time supports house holy priest on day and erects one temple, and it is said that we claimed the House of this house. shiko who is grandchild of do* built temple for fushi*oizen to (1524) in 1524 and changed title of Buddhist temple to the Mt. flat river method favor temple. Furthermore, since Edo opening the Edo shogunate, we fixed Terachi for the present location after transfer of several degrees in (1688) in 1688.

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〒130-0012 1-26-16, Taihei, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From JR Sobu Line Kinshicho Station a 10-minute walk

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