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Fundamental law temple

There is grave of owner of Japanese painting Motonobu Kanou. Motonobu Kanou was born in Kyoto as child of founder Masanobu of (1476) Kano group in 1476. We received trace of father and became order illustrator of Ashikaga family to inherit the shogunate. We further put technique of Yamato-e painting on the style of painting of origin of Soong who learned from father and were completed by the powerful Japanese-style law of painting. His style is considered to be model of later Kano group and commonly is called "the old second highest rank among Buddhist priests" in coming ages.
Former sincerity gravestone of fundamental law temple is 109cm in height, and there is d."Eiroku era 2(1559)" October 6 Motonobu Kanou in right side surface with "October, 1955 rebuilding Fumi Kano" in the front in the "zenkoindengenshinhogannichitodaikyoshi" left side surface. In addition, person of each Kano-related gravestones are seen a lot in those days.

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〒130-0003 1-12-12, Yokokawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From JR Sobu Line Kinshicho Station a 9-minute walk

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