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hasegawaheizo, tooyamakinshiroujutakuato

Heizo Hasegawa, Kinshiro Tooyama house trace

Ogre flat thing, Heizo Hasegawa moved to this ground from Tsukiji by mansion substitute of (1764) father in 1764. It is promoted to the first move captain of the archers as well as (1786), father in 1786, and, about the part of arson-and-robbery investigator, it founds bum house of Ishikawajima during holding the post for 8 years, and it is famous to have rehabilitated many criminals. Monument that historic spot explanation version is novel in front of dental clinic equal to the east end is built at entrance of Toei Shinjuku Line Kikukawa Station equal to the west end of mansion. It is said that plottage at the time extended to 1,238 tsubos (4,085).

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〒130-0024 3-16, Kikukawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Toei Shinjuku Line Kikukawa Station is immediate

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