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It is temple symbolizing court noble Ryogoku. We were destroyed by fire in the town of Edo more than 500 town, and there were instructions of burying together from Shosho Aizu Masayuki Hoshina of general prompter who did terrible sight in actually after big fire for (1657) New Year holidays, long-sleeved kimono fire that it was said commonly in 1657 when we sent 100,000 dead people. As a result, it was referred bottom, and 60 ken of place of court noble Ushijima Nitta every direction (about 3,600 tsubos) buried dead person without the nobility and the commonalty. This is beginning of present whole temples temple for the dead without relatives Eko-in.
Eko-in came to bury unattended soul of all the Edo city afterwards. It was in place where around Ryogokubashi came to be full of people who gave up in Eko-in, and various stores, entertainments gathered.

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〒130-0026 2-8-10, Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From JR Sobu Line Ryogoku Station a 4-minute walk

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