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Edo-dyed clothe Museum Daimatsu dyer ground

Sample book, tool, paper pattern in the Edo era, process photograph panel of sen are displayed by the real thing which is full of, and was dyed by Edo-dyed clothe, the skill of coloring, paper pattern clipped out by extra-fine pattern, spatula soaking color paste, the all all de ko skill of that of dyed goods following from the old Edo era.

The opening day :From Monday to Friday (on Saturday except holiday no fixed holiday)
Opening time: 13-17:00
※Please reserve group.

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〒131-0041 2-27-10, Yahiro, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Keisei Oshiage Line Hikifune Station a 10-minute walk

Approach of Sumida-ku Tourism Association

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