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Akiba pitching a camp

Akiba Shrine

We were introduced with the (1289) foundation in 1289 and we separately enshrined Akiba authority of Shizuoka later and assumed phase. We built (1702) batman in 1702 and became well-known Shinto shrine in area. It was done veneration as God of extinguishment of a fire in the Edo era by daimyos and was believed thick from inner palace in particular. Fire-extinguishing festival is held on November 18, but is known as famous spot of colored leaves. Among seven stone garden lanterns, six engines are appointed in registration cultural assets of ward.

Main historic spot: Stone garden lanterns

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〒131-0033 4-9-13, Mukoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Tobu Skytree line Higashi-Mukojima Station an 8-minute walk

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