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Azuma pitching a camp

East land Shrine

In excellent company having precincts with the forest which grew thick thickly, enshrined deity is based on Princess younger brother Tachibana life and worships Yamato Takeru to phase.
It is sacred tree and writes down the reason and miracle about famous Kusu (kusunoki) as "Kusu (kusu) of Aioi" (Aioi) of forest of the East land (Kusu of eternal love (renri)), and there is monument which spoke evidence of higashisei of luck, Yamato Takeru of the East land Shinto shrine in total. Kusu dies now, and only the root is stored in the precincts.

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〒131-0043 1-1-15, Tachibana, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Tobu Kameido Line Higashi-Azuma Station a 7-minute walk

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