Best Skytree guide

Best Tokyo Skytree town guide

Tokyo Skytree ® best view spot

There are many superb view view spot and shooting points of the Skytree to be home territory, corner of Tokyo Skytree. Before the opening of business, Akihiro Ishikawa photographer who continued staring at the Skytree through lens in the four season introduces special view spot.

Photographer Akihiro IshikawaAkihiro Ishikawa Akihiro Ishikawa
Graphic designer, photographer. We are in charge of graphic design in recordmaker for 17 years. We acquire MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Meiji University specialist job graduate school.​​​​​​We are active as creator of freelance afterward. We start shooting in 2012 under the theme of the Tokyo Skytree and scenery of Tokyo and announce photograph work continuously in SNS "Google+".

You must look at Tokyo Skytree town here!

Tourist attraction, the Tokyo Skytree that represents Tokyo. The highlight is not only observation deck. Here is checked if we visit the Skytree!

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Recommended spot industrial tourism plaza sumidamachi toko of Tokyo Solamachi ®

Corner in Tokyo Solamachi 5F or dispatch base of sightseeing information. You can buy corner or souvenir and hold demonstration of traditional industrial art object and various events.

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sumidamachi toko