sumida school excursion guide

School excursion inquiry


Inquiry about sumida school excursion takes even telephone, FAX.


TEL: 03-5608-6951 (10:00-18:00)

  • Sorry for your inconvenience, but, in the case of the person in charge absence, please refer than the following form.
    FAX: 03-5608-7130 (24 hours acceptance)
  • In the case of inquiry, it becomes answer after next business day by FAX.

Please push the Confirm button after input in the following items.

We transmit by the following contents.
Please push send button if you like.
On Saturday, please note that night inquiry may become answer of next business day on Sundays and holidays.

We transmitted.

Company name (school name)

Please input company name of person made inquiry or school name.

School name (group name)

In the case of travel agency, person in charge of application, please input school name.
In the case of stage of program suggestion (sales battle), please input "quotient".
When you inquire directly from school, "direct", please input togo.

The person in charge name required
Phone number required
FAX number
E-mail address required
E-mail address required for confirmation
Address required
Inquiry contents

In the case of choice, please input contents of inquiry into the following "details" in "⑧ and others".
①When the number of people is fixed at conduct schedule concretely in where -⑦ was chosen, please input questionary or less on "conduct day" (preferred date).

Conduct day (preferred date)

Please input until time of preferred date.
Example: Morning of May 20, May 29 from 14:00 to 2:00
In addition, please input all schedules and each time when there are multiple candidate days.
Example: The afternoon of June 3 or the morning of 4th

The number of participants
Please input the number of participants to program.
Shape of participation
 Multiple answers allowed

When program to hope for is decided, please input program name.
Example: We hope for all classes, manufacturing experience by class unit
  Manufacturing experience of from group to group action and one class peace learning professional reciter hope

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