sumida school excursion guide



Folkcraft, craftsman studio

Please do manufacturing experience while having craftsman succeeding technique and tradition of folkcraft having been continued since the Edo era instruct directly. As original work which is exclusive as for the work which student made hard, school excursion is good while hearing explanation about history and culture of folkcraft; will become commemorative.

Japanese confectionery experience

Please do experience to make upper cake while having Japanese confectionery craftsman instruct directly.

Shiny Tachibana mall (mall experience)

We help with shop at mall (shiny Tachibana mall) of Sumida-ku and can sell product which we brought from hometown in open space.

Public bath experience (history peace, cleaning experience-based (option) of public bath)

At public bath of classic downtown area, we can learn origin, history relating to bath and bath. Why are there many public baths of building a shrine? Is there, why kerorin pail? We can learn nadono question happily.

Peaceful learning

We can actually learn from person who experienced war to hear story about preciousness of misery and life of war.

[professional reciter] We actually hear state of Tokyo blitzkrieg from person who made wartime experience.

[town walk] It is tour around old battlefield in ward with the town of Sumida-ku walk guide. (time required from 60 minutes to 90 minutes)

About experience in a great number of people

In a great number of people including class unit and grade unit that acceptance in studio has difficult when wish to experience, of facility (pay) in ward can arrange.

Approach of Sumida-ku Tourism Association

We see the details

Other approaches