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Delivery & takeout application "menu"

While when there is few, and restaurant, consumers can support by new coronavirus infection spread in the Sumida-ku mall alliance society, we develop service that cooperated with takeout & delivery application "MENU" and carry out restaurant of Sumida-ku, special support campaign for inhabitants now.



July 31, 2020 (plan)


Restaurant in Sumida-ku
Inhabitants living in Sumida-ku


① Sales commission for free of restaurant-like delivery service in Sumida-ku
② In the case of takeout non-correspondence, we give container in Sumida-ku ※1
③ When Sumida-ku residence enrolls in carrier of menu, we add reward
④ When Sumida-ku residence enrolls in carrier of menu, we offer delivery bag for free
⑤ We distribute delivery charges for free coupon of Sumida-ku store for users
※1 offer container has a limit to number


Have a lot on menu introduction, from this


<application introduction>

Delicious delivery application "menu" downloading from this


<MENU development scale>
Development area      : We are increasing sequentially in Tokyo's 23 wards ※Only takeout is developing nationwide
The number of the member stores      : About 2,300 stores ※As of April, 2020
Application downloading rate: Free of charge


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