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Cherry blossoms flowering information 2020



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[light-up cancellation of banks of the Sumida River cherry blossoms]
For extended prevention of new coronavirus infection,
It is called off with paper lantern of light-up from bottom, banks of the Sumida River association from today and does not turn on again. We would appreciate your understanding.




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The NEW last inning

Around Thursday, April 2 shooting place Sumida Park (the Sumida-ku side)

Day when rain, wind are strong continued, but cherry blossoms of this year bloom with an effort for a few days.

Will take care of yourself next year to enjoy cherry blossoms together. See you again









 Around Tuesday, March 31 shooting place Sumida Park (the Sumida-ku side)

Renewed park or Sumida riversides become in full blossom.





 Thursday, March 26 shooting place, around Sumida Park

It is "eight minutes - full bloom". We are lighting up by night until 21:00





Tuesday, March 24 shooting place: The Sumida River both sides

Around Google MAP Asakusa ni sky gate water taxi platform


Weather is good, but cold wind strongly blows. There is rain of last night, too, and flowering speed of cherry blossoms becomes slow. There are trees in full blossom, but is coming out generally for ... six minutes. It is expected that many people enjoy cherry blossom viewing over the end of this week. You do preparations of "a cough etiquette", and please go out. In addition, the use in banquets with eating and drinking would appreciate your cooperation to wait.


Saturday, March 21 shooting place: The Sumida River both sides

Google MAP field mustard and cherry blossoms (Bokutei-dori St.)





Google MAP 1,000 years cherry blossoms (open space of Taito-ku Sumida Park cherry blossoms)




  Friday, March 20 shooting place: Around Sumida-ku government office

Around Google MAP Sumida-ku government office

Temperature rises and, during cherry blossoms which have begun to bloom at a stretch, 3 consecutive holidays, seems to bloom for 4-5 minutes. Looking at cherry blossoms of a lot of windowpanes this year in cafe of Azumabashi information desk juxtaposition

We can do it. In addition, only for these 3 consecutive holidays, we sell Special Menu such as cherry blossoms cocktail beer, Yakitori with a limitation of amount.


Azumabashi tourist information center's HP from this





Wednesday, March 18 shooting place: The neighborhood of Tobu Line iron bridge

Bud turned red considerably. If warm day continues, it seems to bloom at a stretch.


Google MAP Tobu Isesaki Line Sumida River bridge neighborhood





Tuesday, March 17 shooting place: The neighborhood of Kototoi Bridge

The neighborhood of Google Map Kototoi Bridge


There is cherry tree which bud of cherry blossoms begins to swell out, and blooms lightly.


Approach of Sumida-ku Tourism Association

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