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The event cancellation situation in ward associated with new coronavirus infectious disease

※ Cancellation of event was announced to prevent infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease.
We are in a situation as follows about event in Sumida-ku of publication in "around Tokyo Skytree guide map 2020 spring version".

Banks of the Sumida River cherry tree Festival/cancellation
Hokusai X SUMIDA hospitality Festa/cancellation
Ryogoku ramburinguabenyu/cancellation
In spring clear and mild SUMIDA Riverside Festa/cancellation
Sumida Park pre-open plan, nickname presentation (provisionally)/cancellation
Kinshi Park Sakura Festival/cancellation
Waseda-Keio regatta/cancellation
The Sumida River surging wave/cancellation
Plum young mourning/cancellation
sumida glass city/cancellation
Reiwa Ryogoku turnout Festival/cancellation

Approach of Sumida-ku Tourism Association

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