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Party (yomenoutage) of night plum

Party (yomenoutage) of night plum

Plum of 100, Mukoujima flower garden got close to of cultured person, plum of about 360 present are planted from the Edo era. We can enjoy course of meal to enjoy night plum for a limited time. Apply by all means at this opportunity.


The date and time: Saturday, February 22 23rd Sunday 24th Monday (holiday)

Time: 17:30-20:30

Place: 100, Mukoujima flower garden going out room

〒131-0032 3-18-3, Higashimukoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Rate: "Crane" course 2,500 yen Japanese yen "tortoise" course 3,500 yen Japanese yen

Application, inquiry:

Roadside teahouse sahara 03-3619-4997







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