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Reconstruction aid cancer comes out, and Northeast Miyagi Kesennuma swordfish is fair

Sumida-ku government office 2F "is RIVER LOUNGE SUMIDA], and arranged, weekly, will sell lunch to the sum, Chinese food, France, Italian food for 40 meals (with rice, soup) of limited 650 yen with "swordfish" sent from Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi on every Tuesday from Tuesday, January 28 particularly. Please thoroughly enjoy delicious Kesennuma "swordfish".


Period Tuesday, January 28 Tuesday, February 4 Tuesday, February 18 Tuesday, February 25

Lunchtime: 11:30 ~ 14:00 (finished as soon as it disappears)

(menu changes on every Tuesday.)

Place: Sumida-ku government office 2F "RIVER LOUNGE SUMIDA] (Azumabashi tourist information center is added.)

Telephone: 03-6658-8097

————————— Menu contents —————————-


Tuesday, January 28

"Fricassee of swordfish"

We add preliminary seasoning to swordfish with salt, exaggeration, herb and hang fricassee sauce with mushrooms.



Tuesday, February 4

For "kurimii yuzu miso of swordfish"

We put salt with ricemalt pickles cheese cream sauce that we put out and added yuzu miso to low temperature cooked swordfish.



Tuesday, February 18

"Five kinds of Chinese bean jam of swordfish"

We delete salt with ricemalt pickles and put five kinds of Chinese bean jam on low temperature cooked swordfish.



Tuesday, February 25

"Pomodoro sauce of swordfish"

With Italian sauce over low temperature swordfish which we cooked, we attach short pasta.










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