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"Hokusai master and pupil confrontation!"

<NEW> We decided to reopen "sumida Hokusai Museum" from Friday (holiday) on March 20.

It is well known that Hokusai is big name on behalf of ukiyoe artist of Edo, but it is not known to Hokusai too much that there was pupil of 200 including disciple of the second generation child. Hokusai did not seem to have been type with net income steps instruction as pupil, but we drew ability of pupil and, according to pioneer of ukiyoe print study, biography "Hokusai Katsushika biography" of Hokusai by Kyoshin Iijima, seem to have brought up many master hands. We choose from hall stored possession in this exhibition and display work which Hokusai and pupil created on the same theme, and-affiliated, characteristic and influence of each style of painting approach while we compare both. Pupils exploring own art of painting in front of huge teacher, charm of work of pupil who hid behind the name of teacher until now introduce without remaining in charm of Hokusai.


[exhibition period] From Tuesday, February 4, 2020 to Sunday, April 5

The first half year: From Tuesday, February 4 to Sunday, March 8

The latter period: From Tuesday, March 10 to Sunday, April 5

9:30-17:30 (until 30 minutes before admission closing)

※We carry out some display substitute in the pre-latter period

Closed day: Every Monday

※The opening: February 24 (month, holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday), closing: Tuesday, February 25

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