Sangyo Kanko Plaza Sumida Machidokoro

In "Sangyo Kanko Plaza Sumida Machidokoro" at Tokyo Solamachi 5F corner or idle information to buy, and to be useful for sightseeing in sumida to eat to see under dispatch. Please drop in!

It keeps corner or sightseeing information

Consultation of sightseeing is OK in brochures which are useful for town walk being available, and expert guide who knew everything about sumidao being stationed, too. We carry out guided tour of sumidamachi tokohatsu.

You can buy corner or souvenir

From tradition craft which is good to corner or souvenir to the Skytree goods, character goods, product which is riot is prepared.

As for demonstration and the workshop of craftsman

It is corner, but demonstration of manufacturing of craftsman proud is must-see. In addition, we hold various events and workshops at any time.

We can take a short break in teahouse

In "teahouse" in plot of sumidamachi toko, you can enjoy delicious drink and sweets. On fine day, terrace seat is recommended, too.

Sangyo Kanko Plaza Sumida Machidokoro

Opening time: 10:00-21:00 no fixed holiday
TEL: 03-6796-6341

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