Town walk tour & cruising

Town walk tour with guide

We wait more when it rotates while hearing story of guide, and walk becomes fun ♪ Please participate!

From Ryogoku (running stormy weather cancels "sumo course" during 4/1 - 6/17, 9/9 - 12/16 ※ Grand Sumo Tournament Tokyo tournament holding every day for ※ period)

Ryogoku north course

Ryogoku Hokusai course

Ryogoku which color is dark, and leaves culture of gorgeous Edo. Ukiyoe print, Shinto shrine, garden are courses discovering Edo Ryogoku versatilely.

Mukoujima course

Ryogoku history course

Kaishu Katsu who ran through the times of revolution. Ryunosuke Akutagawa who opened up literature of modern times. We feel turning point of the history to remain in Ryogoku.