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You can download map from this. In the case of sightseeing in ward, please inflect.

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  • Cherry blossom viewing map 2020 version

    It is map which is full of cherry blossom viewing information around the Sumida River, banks of the Sumida River cherry blossoms.

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  • It is for around Tokyo Skytree guide map in spring

    It is map which is full of event of the Tokyo Skytree, information including neighboring shops.

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    [event, neighboring guides side]

  • Ryogoku chanko MAP

    It is map which is full of specialty of town, Ryogoku of sumo, Chankonabe restaurant information.

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    [Chankonabe anything?]

    [chanko restaurant guidance]

  • Ume flower season-notification 2020 version

    Introduction of spot "incense Umezono" of plum "100, Mukoujima flower garden" "Kameido-ten jinja Shrine" and gusset of plum walk, and they are maps of information full loading such as course, restaurant or sum Kashiya concerning plum.

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  • Ryogoku

    It is the Kokugikan and Eko-in, map of Ryogoku area of a lot of highlight including Edo Tokyo museum.

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  • Kinshicho

    It is map of lively east newly developed city center, Kinshicho area where craftsman studio and factories only in downtown area scatter.

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  • Honjoazumabashi, Narihirabashi, Oshiage

    It is large up-and-coming Honjoazumabashi, map of Narihirabashi, Oshiage area in Tokyo Skytree ® which we opened in 2012.

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  • Yahiro, Kyojima

    It is map of Yahiro, Kyojima area of retro scenery which prewar old private house and small store, small factory in town compare with.

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  • Kanegafuchi, Mukoujima

    Venerable Shinto shrine Buddhist temples stand in a row and are beautiful entertainment district, map of Mukoujima area that geisha culture is full.

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  • Sumida River Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation map 2013 version

    It is map of the Sumida River Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation and information for worship.

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    [information for worship]

    There is stamp in each Shinto shrine, temple. You can purchase colored paper at triple rotation Shinto shrine.

sumidamachi walk exhibition

What is "sumidamachi walk exhibition?"

"Circulation bus in ward" "sightseeing water transportation" "event of area" "meal" developed "sumidamachi walk exhibition" to have you sense corner or charm bodily throughout the year including "history, culture" "famous place, historic site" in 2013, Sumida-ku which reached the first anniversary of the opening of Tokyo Skytree ®, and we walked town to be able to enjoy throughout the year, and 24 course announced course.

And we produce "town walk guidebook" which renewed contents 14 course and will distribute in each bureau in Sumida-ku. In addition, "we wait and walk, and all of you, please enjoy corner or town walk to one hand with guide map" as you can download from this site.

"Town walk guide map"

  1. Edo Ryogoku,
    Walking classic in dapperness
    (Ryogoku south course)

  2. From Tokyo Skytree ®!
    Edo walk over waterside and green

  3. Of ogre flat criminal record connection
    Spot reading walk

  4. It is recommended to girl!
    We try out exquisite sumida sweets

  5. Let's experience! The town of manufacturing
    Corner or craftsman way

  6. Wind fragrant Edoite longed-for pleasure resort,
    Visiting mukishima

  7. World illustrator who it is corner, but is proud,
    Let's trace birthplace of Hokusai Katsushika

  8. Climax of Chushingura!
    We visit around Kira's house

  9. Let's walk corner or ancient road!
    Kamakura Highway lower no way

  10. World illustrator who it is corner, but is proud,
    Let's follow scenery that Hokusai Katsushika described

  11. Walking classic in Edo Ryogoku, dapperness
    (Ryogoku north course)

  12. Spot of ogre flat criminal record connection
    Two - ogre flat no youth ... of reading walk that

  13. Under preparations

  14. We visit writer related to Mukoujima

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