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We show around town where genuine article is valid

The Tokyo Skytree and scenic spot "Mukoujima" of Edo which the world pays attention to are corners having "Ryogoku" which was the center of bustle. In this town succeeding Edo downtown area culture and tradition, we can meet cityscape, taste that culture historic spot is retro, various things including human empathy. Local guide accompanies all of you and shows around their towns to live in for "heart of hospitality". Do towns where genuine article is valid not walk "it is corner" with guide?

Application condition

Group where is five people or more


And between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.


Rate changes by course contents and request to inform of. As you offer town walk course that matched needs of customer, please feel free to contact. (guide Division)

Application method

Please send email form or application to Sightseeing Association (03-5608-7130) by fax within 14 days before the use day.



We trace history of Ryogoku north course - reclamation and the Genroku era culture (about 100 minutes)
In front of in front of Ryogoku tourist information center - Kyu Yasuda Garden - Yokoami-cho Park - Inari, Tokuyama - eight angles, Nishikido room ... Hokusai Katsushika birth place - Tsugaru daimyo's mansion trace - Edo Tokyo Museum
We walk Ryogoku of Meiji from the Ryogoku south course - late Tokugawa period (about 100 minutes)
The Ryogoku tourist information center - Eko-in ... old Ryogoku Hirokoji - Enoshima Sugiyama Shrine - Kira's house trace - Kyoritsu school building trace - Kaishu Katsu birth place - Ryunosuke Akutagawa locality - Ryogoku tourist information center


We expect Edo and tower view of Mukoujima walk A course - flower (about 120 minutes)
The Higashi-Mukojima Station - 100, Mukoujima flower garden - gray mustache Shinto shrine ... long life temple - hiromefukuji - triple rotation Shinto shrine - Ushijima Shinto shrine - Tokyo Skytree
We follow the times of the late Tokugawa period of Mukoujima walk B course - Kaishu Katsu and turbulence (about 120 minutes)
Higashi-Mukojima Station - 100, Mukoujima flower garden - gray mustache Shinto shrine - hiromefukuji - triple rotation Shinto shrine - Ushijima Shrine - Sumida park, Mito feudal clan suburban residence of a daimyo trace - Kaishu Katsu bronze statue - Azumabashi tourist information center
Sumida River Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation course (about 150 minutes)
Triple rotation Shinto shrine - hiromefukuji ... long life temple - 100, Mukoujima flower garden - gray mustache Shinto shrine - becoming known to the public temple
We walk Mukoujima around Mukoujima literature walk A course - tree mother temple (about 100 minutes)
Kanegafuchi Station - tree mother temple - Sumida River Shrine - ancient Tokaido - Taisho road - kikumoenato - Tamanoi Japanese alphabet street - Higashi-Mukojima Station
We walk Tamanoi that Mukoujima literature walk B course - load style loved (about 100 minutes)
Town - Akiba Shinto shrine - Hikifune Station of Higashi-Mukojima Station - Tamanoi Inari - gray mustache Shinto shrine - 100, Mukoujima flower garden - Rohan child play garden - snail hermitage trace - pigeon
We walk Mukoujima which Mukoujima literature walk C course - Rohan loved (about 100 minutes)
Town, Amamiya liquor shop - Takeaki Enomoto house trace - Ryuhoku Narushima house trace - Ujo Noguchi monument inscribed with a poem ... length life temple, Yamamoto and ... hiromefukuji - triple rotation Shinto shrine - Sumida park - Honjo-Azumabashi Station of Hikifune Station - Sumida River High School front gate - Rohan child play garden - pigeon


We aim at the Tokyo Skytree while searching for the town of Kinshicho course - Edo (about 100 minutes)
Around Mt. Kinshicho Station - tower view street ... law favor temple - Momiji Bridge - Myouken, Nose annex - Oyoko River Shinsui-Koen Prak - Kitajukken River - Skytree
  • Please note that you cannot guide when preferred date is holiday of facility.
  • As guide copes by the limited number of people, please note that you may not meet requirements by schedule.

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