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Manufacturing experience

Experience-based scenery

Folkcraft, craftsman studio

Please do manufacturing experience while having craftsman succeeding technique and tradition of folkcraft having been continued since the Edo era instruct directly. As original work which is exclusive as for the work which student made hard, school excursion is good while hearing explanation about the history and culture of folkcraft; will become commemorative.

Manufacturing experience-based list

Japanese confectionery experience

Japanese confectionery image

Cake studio

Please do experience to make upper soft fresh sweets while having Japanese confectionery craftsman instruct directly.


Saitama shop plum

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Mall experience

Mall scenery

It is Tachibana mall shiningly

We help with shop at mall (glitter Tachibana mall) of Sumida-ku and can sell product which we brought from hometown in open space.
We can hear lecture about activity of mall and role of mall than secretary general of the mall secretariat.


Mall experience (sale, PR, lecture)

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Sumo experience

The Kokugikan

Sumo training school

There is "sumo training school" in corner of Ryogoku Kokugikan. All the members learn the history, tradition, tradition of the Grand Sumo Tournament without exception at this sumo training school when we become a disciple of stable of sumo. Even how strong yokozuna went to this training school first. Here, we learn the history of sumo, and student stamps on the ring in sumo ring, and sumo experience is possible against young sumo wrestler.

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