Sumida-ku photo library

  • Image of photo library is available in the following purposes.
    1. (1) When we use for PR of trip of Sumida-ku
    2. (2) When we use as homepage material of office where address is in Sumida-ku
    3. (3) When we use as education-related material
  • There is not need such as application of licensing, but please let know purpose of use, contact information than the following forms.
  • Image processes freely and is available.
  • Credit notation is not necessary.
  • Copyright of image belongs to Sumida-ku Tourism Association.
  • We accept inquiry about the use of other photo libraries by telephone, FAX, email.

TEL: 03-5608-6951 (10:00-18:00)

FAX: 03-5608-7130 (24 hours acceptance)

The Sumida River fireworks festival

The Sumida River Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation

Cherry blossoms (2017) of Sumida-ku

Banks of the Sumida River cherry tree Festival


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