sumida Film Commission [sumida kunaisatsukage location information]

"Survey by Miss jikocho - genius, sky no professor file ..." NHK

Shooting place: Kototoi Bridge

Genius engineer is invited to "accident investigation commission" (accident investigation commission) checking various accidents with eyes of third party every time and challenges the hidden truth. While is exciting, and is comical and selfish heroine swings assistant to grazing boy and neighboring people around in rules busters, "failure studies" as weapon various human relations to lie hidden in the background of accident social; cut to be warped! Mystery entertainment that Hiroyuki Yatsu of "land king" "Naoki Hanzawa" and Koji Tokuo of "ossanzu love" finish writing with original script!

We had you photograph the one scene in Kototoi Bridge of Sumida-ku!

The broadcast date and time: 10:00 (plan) to stop by on Friday, November 29, 2019

sumida kunaisatsukage location information 

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