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The "aimlessly Tokyo ghost night travel" San-in center on TV

Shooting place: Oyoko River Shinsui-Koen Prak, Kinshi moat park

Broadcast of animation "GeGeGe no Kitaro" begins; the 50th anniversary. Town bura program "aimlessly Tokyo ghost night train" which is by "ghost", and does ghost spot of Tokyo aimlessly. The contents….

Kanako Kadowaki of comedy duo vinegared sushi rice and former NMB48, location of the town of good luck 46, Honzaka Bra program in search of mystery of ghost by sanakiriho. However, eel of vinegared sushi rice is not late. As there is no help for it, begin shooting in three people, but there suddenly thunder!

It is what and featured father that appeared. "Do you know mystery of ghost as it looks like it? Leading to ghost night train!"

Is by ghost of eel eel which does not become of vinegared sushi rice in response to command of featured father; and party to ghost spot in Tokyo.

Modern people who found ghost whom we met by ghost night travel from people, there beloved are ... with "important thing" tending to forget

The broadcast date and time: July 7, 2019
sumida kunaisatsukage location information 

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