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Scenery with the Skytree

・Downtown area and tree (source forest Bridge)
Downtown area and tree (source forest Bridge)
・Shinto shrine and tree (Ushijima Shrine)
Shinto shrine and tree (Ushijima Shrine)
Riverside and the Skytree (the Kitajukken River)
Riverside and the Skytree (the Kitajukken River)
・Park and the Skytree (Narihira Park)
Park and the Skytree (Narihira Park)
Photographer: Kenichi Nojo You can see other view spots from this. (formal Facebooke page)

Town (industry) of small factory in town and craftsman

Sumida-ku where the history and tradition as town of craftsman, town of manufacturing breathe. Development of new manufacturing is active now without remaining in the traditional succession.

・Small factory in town (Iwai metal die mill)

・Small factory in town (Hamano mill)

・Small factory in town (Kataoka screen shop)

・Small factory in town (Hirota glass)

Other pictures from this

Culture and memory (the history, culture)

As it is old and accumulates the history from Heian, it is dotted a lot with the ground related to person ticked away as well as famous place, historic site for history and has memory of various history. Please look for scenario from Edo, the history, culture of Showa.

・The stage of Chushingura, Kira's house trace

・Hokusai Katsushika

・Mukoujima literature


The details of sumida street walk guide series from this

Administrative facilities

About park where shooting rental is institutionalized in Sumida-ku, river building a breakwater, administrative facility, examination is done with proposal by the material. At first, in sumida Film Commission, please refer in primary one checking.
※The current situation, shooting by "school building, school grounds, closedown" are not admitted.

We introduce park which we can photograph in formal Facebook page, a riverbed.
sumida Film Commission formula Facebook page

※To inhabitants of a ward
Person having place, article which you can lend location, please send information.
◆Park, procedure of private use application of riverbed◆
It is this about flow of application