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It is the first in the world! Grand Sumo Tournament documentary film "people ... inheriting sumo way - samurai" exhibition

We released porepore Higashinakano others whole country order next than TOHO cinemas Kinshicho, Saturday, October 31 than Friday, October 30

"Sumo" that rooted in Japanese living deeply during thing history more than 1,500 years, and became the national sport now. - which the unknown world was there. In about half a year of from December, 2018 to June, 2019, it adheres to the Sakai River room and two lessons ground of 髙denkawabuoku. We read charm of sumo from history, culture, competition, various angles while we run after figure of hot fight in unimaginable morning training, surprising everyday life, firm bond with boss, friends and regular sumo tournament.
Must continue winning, must be strong. Facing oneself, documentary of the one and only about way of samurais who continued fighting against "sumo" for unyielding mind of life was born to the maximum.

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