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World stamp exhibition

<exhibition period>
From Saturday, February 22, 2020 to Sunday, April 5
<closed day: Wednesday, March 4, 5th Thursday>
Part 1 sports stamp exhibition: From Saturday, February 22 to Sunday, March 1
Part 2 Stan pecks Japan 2020: From Friday, March 6 to Tuesday, March 10
Part 3 from 1896 to 2016: From Saturday, March 14 to Sunday, April 5
Postal administration Museum (communication lyceum)
Association of non profit organization philately promotion

It becomes postal administration Museum and is first large-scale stamp exhibition. We divide into three sittings and, during period, will hold exhibition different in flavor each.
It is stamp that is proud of the number of the overwhelming display in the postal administration Museum. We display number, about 330,000 kinds. We put these stamps on countries, chronological order and are crowded and display to storing-type drawer-type case, but it is difficult to see all, and, also, there will be many people that it is not revealed whether it is good seeing from where. Therefore we focus on stamp this time and are exhibition that assumed stamp main. As for the contents, it is work display of sports stamp by philatelist, display of domestic exhibition of international stamp exhibition conformity, the world about the Olympics and Japanese stamps each.

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