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Temporary exhibition "- that the beauty dwells in the skill and heart of craftsman of Edo manufacturing series of biographies - Japan"

There was Japanese tradition art with Japanese living. Housing part and furniture arranged depending on seasonal life scene gave moisture and color to people. It was rich sense of fun of Japanese who dwelled in such articles and delicate sense of beauty that Westerner who visited Japan after the foundation of a country was surprised equally. It is craftsmen living for manufacturing that made up the beauty of Japan.

In this exhibition, we deliver five master craftsmen with characteristic. We walked the life that was devoted to each way, and continued challenging new creation while two of Kobayashi kobayashi ishitsubutesai rekisai - their who could wind up lacquer work, and teacher did, and inherited Hara hara hitsujiyusai yoyuusaito Shibata shibata zeshin zeshin, Fukawa fukawa Kazunori Kazunori whom ceramist, Miura of colossal intellect that succeeded to the Ogata ogata Kenzan kenzanno Sue method, and dealt with building of warship saw and threw on way of metalworking from illustrator in back ken* kenya, Katsushika and Hokusai hokusaino pupils, craftsman spirit of Edo, and mastered super minute crafts whom Edo produced working in Edo Tokyo, and breathing air in the times.

In this exhibition, we expose light in job and the life of craftsmen who played an active part in Edo Tokyo mainly on collection of this hotel commencing with the first public exhibition in Japan of Japan collection of Earl European noble Bardi who visited Japan in earlier period of Meiji (Venice Orient art museum possession) and want to stare at the source of power of manufacturing that Japan boasts of to the world.

Exhibition period
From Saturday, February 8, 2020 to Sunday, April 5


Tokyo Edo Tokyo the first floor of the museum special exhibition room (1-4-1, Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

TEL: 03-3626-9974 (main)

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